Combine Configure and Knit buttons

Combine “2. Configure” and “3. Knit” buttons so that it is just 1 click to start knitting. It could also help reduce the need to scroll for smaller screens.

Add memo

It would be nice to be able to indicate carriage changes when knitting with Lace or to indicate colour changes. Would this be possible using the eknitter keyboard?

Garment Pattern Assistant

Victor from FB group: In my opinion, this would require a Garment Pattern Assistant. A) For example, your eKnitter device has a small screen through which you could give information to knit the shape of a garment pattern like the Passap Form Computer did. It was a very basic visual system but very well thought … Read more

Pattern transmission

Lesli from FB:I still would like to see a way to transfer the pattern other than through wireless network. Either an optional cord or maybe usb flash drive/sd card or something.

Pattern storage

Gina from FB: I would love to see a small memory chip that could save several of my most used designs. They could be then be recalled at the press of a numeric button without the need to set up the laptop!

Add colour information on display

Due to a comment in Facebook, we noticed that the colour information is missing on the eKnitter display. Currently this is relevant when you knit with the Colour changer and u need to know when to change colour. At the moment this information is only shown on the PC software but not on the small … Read more