Garment Pattern Assistant

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Victor from FB group: In my opinion, this would require a Garment Pattern Assistant.
A) For example, your eKnitter device has a small screen through which you could give information to knit the shape of a garment pattern like the Passap Form Computer did. It was a very basic visual system but very well thought out and effective. Besides, the way it works is explained in some web site, although I don’t know if it would infringe any copyright law.
B) You could also add to the graphical interface of AYAB some basic predefined clothes (DAK type) and you could guide the user but I understand that this would be a lot of programming work.
C) Another way, perhaps a little simpler but not as interactive, would be to introduce a pattern form inside AYAB, superimposed on the chosen knitted design to help you in some way to make the desired form. I don’t know if this is clear (attached screenshot).
Well, these are just some ideas in case they can help. You have to think that any idea will be better than doing the boring and heavy calculations.
You are doing an excellent job! Regards!

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