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eKnitter’s Journey: From Launch to Now

Our first Kickstarter campaign marked the beginning of eKnitter’s journey, guided by invaluable feedback from our initial 20 users. Their insights have been pivotal, encouraging us to refine and improve with every step.

Building on this solid foundation, we’re now advancing with a second campaign, introducing eKnitter to 40 more enthusiasts. 

Your support is crucial. It helps us broaden eKnitter’s compatibility, starting with models like the KH 930/KH940, and propels the development forward. Each contribution is a step towards a future where technology elevates the knitting experience for everyone.

Join us in this next chapter of eKnitter. Together, we can shape a future that merges innovation with the art of knitting. You also want to become part of our journey, please subscribe our eKnitter alert to get informed when more eKnitters are available.