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Why Kickstarter?

eKnitter has reached a level that it can be launched in Kickstarter. We have conducted extensive testing of our mainboard with a dedicated group of testers, but we understand that true perfection can only be achieved with the help of a larger community.

That’s why we start with 20 eKnitters knowing there might be unforeseen challenges along the way. But hey, we are prepared to take this risk because we are deeply committed to continuous improvement.

By launching with a select number of eKnitters, we open the doors to an exciting collaboration between our team and the community. Together, we’ll uncover new possibilities, fine-tune eknitter, and create an even more extraordinary experience for all machine knitters.

The funds we receive from your contributions will be invested in expanding our range of knitting machine models, starting with the highly sought-after KH 930/KH940. Additionally, your support will fuel the ongoing development of eKnitter.

Together, let’s make eKnitter a reality for a broader community of machine knitters. Join us in this transformative journey, and let’s shape the future of Brother machine knitting together. Back our campaign today and help us make eKnitter available to passionate knitters.