What is eKnitter?

Do you love knitting with your trusty old machine from the 80s, but find yourself wishing for newer technology to take your knitting experience to the next level? Or perhaps you are facing the frustration of a broken original mainboard. If so, you’ve come to the right place.

eKnitter is an alternative mainboard designed for Brother knitting machine that allows you to easily receive knitting patterns from your desktop PC via Wi-fi, eliminating the need for messy cables on your workspace.

Features of eknitter:

  • All carriage compatibility (K, L, and KG carriages)
  • Wi-Fi connectivity (no messy cables on your workspace anymore)
  • Start from both sides pattern knitting, for greater flexibility in your projects
  • Configuration and status via web interface
  • Simple installation process
  • No soldering skills needed
  • Wide pattern knitting capacity of up to 200 needles
  • Full compatibility with Ayab desktop software (open source software) and all its features
  • Ability to restore your knitting machine to its original state at any time through rebuilding.

How do you use eKnitter?

Step 1: Use any program of your choice, such as Paint or Gimp, to design your pattern. With eKnitter, your knitting machine can receive digital images from your computer. Knitting a baby blanket with a nice frame and a picture inside and a maximum width of 200 pixels/needle will be an easy work with eknitter.

Step 2: Send the pattern to your knitting machine by installing the Ayab desktop software, which we’ve slightly adapted to work seamlessly with eKnitter. You can find the download links on our installation page.

Step 3: Start knitting by passing the sensor on the right or left side of your needle bed with your carriage. The knitting machine will instantly recognize the carriage you’re using with the first pass, and will remain recognized throughout the knitting process, allowing you to move your carriage close to your knitting for even yarn tension.

With eKnitter, knitting becomes more convenient and fun than ever before. Simply plug it in, turn it on, and let your creativity flow!