Welcome to eKnitter, where we understand the passion for producing outstanding knitwear with an old trusted knitting machine from 80s.

That’s why we are developing an alternative mainboard for Brother knitting machines, packed with the latest technology to find out what is possible with these traditional electronic machines today.

Be part of it, join our knitting community:

What is eKnitter?

eKnitter is an alternative mainboard designed for Brother knitting machine that allows you to easily receive knitting patterns from your desktop PC via Wi-fi, eliminating the need for messy cables on your workspace.

We believe in the power of community and collaboration, and we invite you to be a part of this exciting journey. Whether you’re an experienced machine knitter or a beginner, your ideas and unique perspective can shape the future of this craft by using modern technology. Together, let’s push the boundaries, explore new possibilities, and create something extraordinary.

Features of eKnitter:

Easy Compatibility with All Carriages: eKnitter works with all types of carriages (K, L, and KG), letting you begin knitting from either side with any carriage you choose.

Expand Your Designs with Wide Patterns: Create large, intricate designs with a capacity for 200-pixel wide patterns. Each pixel represents a needle, giving you vast creative possibilities.

Perfect Pairing with Ayab Desktop Software: eKnitter fully supports the open-source Ayab Desktop Software for Windows. This compatibility is just the start of providing you more creative options.

Wi-Fi Connectivity: Avoid the clutter of cables with Wi-Fi connectivity. Connect your knitting machine to your Wi-Fi to send patterns and instructions wirelessly, simplifying your knitting setup.

Easy Installation: eKnitter is designed for simple installation, replacing the original mainboard without any tech hassles.

Flexible Power Supply Options: Choose between using an internal or external power supply, depending on your machine’s needs.

Pattern Storage for Uninterrupted Knitting: No worries if your laptop battery dies or it goes to sleep—you can store patterns right on the hardware, so you can keep knitting without interruption.

Enhanced User Control with Display and Buttons: We’re enhancing your control over the knitting machine by reintroducing buttons and a display, paving the way for more user-friendly features.