Received the funding from Kickstarter

After 14 days, today we have finally received the funding we needed from Kickstarter to place an order. We are incredibly grateful for your support. Rest assured, we will keep you updated on this journey. PS: We have received shipping data from almost all the backers, but there are still a few outstanding. If you … Read more

All 20 eKnitter are reserved

All available eKnitters via Kickstarter have been reserved, and we won’t be offering more until the first eKnitters are produced and sent out to our backers. We understand that some of you may have been disappointed not to secure one of the limited 20 eKnitters in our campaign. We want you to know that the … Read more

Kickstarter Campaign started

Our Kickstarter Campaign launched on June 13th, 2023. It is an all-or-nothing project, meaning it will only be funded if it reaches its funding goal by Thu, July 13, 2023, 3:01 PM CEST. To our astonishment, we achieved our goal within just two hours but we still need to wait until the project reaches it end date … Read more

Interview – knitstudium

In March 2023, Víctor, a member of the knitting community and the blogger behind, conducted an interview with Jeanette from eKnitter. For those interested, the full interview can be found on