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[Solved] Please choose a valid port

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To resolve the issue:

(1) make sure your knitting machine + eKnitter is turned on

(2) make sure you see the wi-fi symbol on your eKnitter display

(3) make sure you only have opened one eKnitter-ayab software on your desktop PC

(4) make your your computer is also connected to home wi-fi again

(5) check firewall settings

(5) click on refresh to connect with your machine 

Ist möglicherweise ein Bild von Text „Settnes kniftire Muớe AYAB M1o Pleane choose valid port Snelbed Colors OK Start Rowe Ifeite Fepeat Shar Needle oraries Noode Alienment centter Eko EkoMot Mot 国 Please help Pleasehelpme... me.. Kommentar Gefällt mir Kommentieren Senden“

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